About Marcia Wieder

As CEO of Dream University, Marcia Wieder has spent over 30 years leading a Dream Movement. She also created and leads a modern day “mystery school”, The Meaning Institute, to help people live more meaningful lives. ● Marcia's collaborated with 3 U.S. presidents, was a repeat guest on Oprah, had her own PBS television special and taught at Stanford’s Business School. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and an advisory board member for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Unstoppable Foundation where she financed and helped build 15 schools in Kenya. ● She is the renowned author of 15 books including; Dream: Clarify & Create What You Want, Making Your Dreams Come True, Life is But a Dream, Dreams are Whispers From the Soul and Doing Less & Having More. She writes for Huffington Post and was a syndicated columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle.

[vBlog] Why disappointment no longer kills me

Why disappointment no longer kills me Have you ever found yourself in a challenging situation where you suddenly found yourself no longer doing that thing you always do? You know, that “default mode” behavior that leaves you feeling bad about yourself and can even trigger other people in your life? Well, my [...]


[vBlog] Expressing Gratitude in Challenging Times

Expressing Gratitude in Challenging Times This holiday is about appreciation and gratitude. However, it also may be a time of challenges, personally and globally. Please watch my brief video and share your thoughts below on any or all of these topics. What are you grateful for? Where are you feeling challenged? How do you [...]