Dreaming Is Not Enough TEDx Talk

We all have dreams and desires about life and work, but what happens when dreaming is not enough? In the TEDx video above, I speak about dreams, life, and how to bridge the gap between the two. This talk contains the wisdom of an over 30-year journey helping others make their dreams come true. However, this time, I included the most essential step.

After watching, please take a moment to share or comment on the IDEA below.

  • I) ntegrity. What does it mean to have soul-integrity? What is yours to do?

  • D) iscernment. What are you willing to say “No More” to?

  • E) nrollment. Share your dream below so that others are inspired to join you.

  • A) ction. Remember, “dream” is a verb. What action are you ready to take today?